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Antonia Jimenez was born in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, in 1972.

From a very early start in flamenco guitar with Antonio Villar, accompanying various artists since by Andalusian flamenco environments, Expands flamenco studies with teachers Gerardo Nunez and Manolo Sanlúcar and Enrique Vargas.

Based in Madrid, covers the most important flamenco flamenco clubs and halls of the capital.
He travels to Japan where he accompanied the dancers Domingo Ortega and Rafael Martos.
Integrates companies “Arrieritos”, “New Spanish Ballet”, “Company Marco Flores”, “Company Olga Pericet”, “Chanta la mui”, to who plays and composes music; and in turn accompanies Rocío Molina, Merche Esmeralda, Carmen Linares, Belén Maya, and Manuel Linan routinely, Marco Flores and Olga Pericet,

As a concert guitar part in the following festivals:

Festival of Jerez 2009, in the cycle “concert palace”.
Flamenco Festival Esch (Luxembourg) 2010
Suma Flamenca, Madrid, 2010
Flamenco Festival Zurich 2011
Cycle “Flamenco Cajon”, Barcelona, 2013
Comme un Festiva, Toulouse, 2013

Entirely composed the music for “Of Flamenco” , Marco Flores.

A great flamenco guitarist who has already acted and continue to act in Tablao Villa-Rosa!

Madrid Flamenco:




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